Exciting New Updates and Additions Post-Open Beta Feedback

Our open beta phase has been an incredibly insightful journey, filled with invaluable feedback from our vibrant community. We’re thrilled to announce that we are rolling out a series of exciting updates and new features, all inspired by the responses we received during this crucial testing phase.

A New Category: Mentoring and Coaching

One of the standout additions to Gamers Home is the Mentoring and Coaching category. This new feature is a response to the growing need for guidance and personal development within the gaming community.

Whether you’re an aspiring game developer, a budding artist, or a novice esports player, our platform now connects you with experienced industry veterans for mentorship.

This addition not only expands our service offerings but also strengthens the supportive ecosystem within the gaming industry.

Shifting the Spotlight to Talent

Another significant change we’re implementing is a shift in focus from studios to individual talents.

We believe that the heart of the gaming industry lies in the creativity and skills of individual professionals.

Our updated platform layout and algorithms are now designed to showcase freelancers more prominently, ensuring that their unique skills and services are easily discoverable by potential clients, including game studios and indie developers.

What This Means for You

For freelancers, these updates mean increased visibility and new opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. For studios and other clients, it’s an enhanced experience in finding the right talent tailored to your specific project needs.

Looking Ahead

The feedback from our open beta has been instrumental in shaping these changes, and we’re committed to continuous improvement.

As we roll out these updates, we invite our community to keep sharing their insights.

Your feedback is the driving force behind our mission to create the most effective and user-friendly marketplace for the gaming industry.

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