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December 8, 1990
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About Freelancer

Hey there,

I’m Narcis, 2d game artist ready to bring some pixel magic to your mobile games! With an arsenal of creativity and a passion for all things gaming, I’m the artist you didn’t know you needed.

My brush strokes are as swift as a swipe on a touchscreen, and my eye for detail is sharper than a crit from a rogue character.

When it comes to mobile screens, I’m like a magician with the ability to make visuals pop. Whether it’s designing sleek user interfaces or optimizing art for different resolutions, I’ll ensure your game shines bright on any device.

Work & Experience

2016 - 2017 Game Artist
Bull Studios, Cluj-Napoca

-Collaborated with a team of game developers to create concept designs for stylized characters, environments, and props; -Utilized Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to bring concepts to life and iterate quickly on designs; -Created Ui for mobile games; -Created market Icons,banners and other marketing illustration; -Provided feedback and brainstormed with the team on animations, visual improvements, and game mechanics

May 2018 - Jan 2022 Game Artist
Crazy Cubz, Cluj-Napoca

-Created high quality 2d game assets such as backgrounds, characters, icons, and Ui designs for casual games; -Utilized Adobe Animate to create engaging and fluid animations for characters and in-game elements; -Collaborated with game designers and developers to ensure the visual style was consistent with the game’s overall design and theme; -Assisted in the development of visual style guides and maintained consistent art assets throughout the games; -Created UI prototypes using Adobe XD, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for the games; -Conducted research and analysis of the latest industry trends to ensure the games remained visually appealing and competitive in the market.

May 2022 2D Game artist
Firebyte Games, Cluj-Napoca

-Worked as 2d Artist responsible with conceptual work for character design and prop design. -Created splash page and market app icon. -Worked on prop design, using blender and photoshop. -Worked on UI. -Had to match the style of the lead game artist, in order to ensure the game had a defined style of art. -Utilized Adobe Photoshop, Blender, and other industry-standard tools to create high-quality and visually appealing graphics. -Collaborated closely with game developers, animators, and UI designers to ensure seamless integration of art assets and a cohesive visual experience.

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