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Senior QA Engineer
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April 23, 1985
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About Freelancer

I have 15 year’s experience as a Website/Software Senior QA Manager/Engineer in the I.T. Industries and gained a set of skills specifically for development and Quality Assurance.

I already have experience working on a Saas platform, E-commerce, Dynamic website, One-pager, WordPress, and Mobile application. I can create different test plans and test cases adapting to different kinds of projects.

I like working directly with the client so I can easily understand the business workflow and can easily adapt to their existing process and will work with minimal supervision with intact quality in mind.

Thank you for taking your time and I am looking forward to working with you.

What my skills covers:


Manual Testing

● Performance testing.
● Exploratory testing
● Cross-browser testing
● Game Testing
● Software & App Testing
● Mobile App Testing
● Accessibility Testing
● Functional QA
● Regression testing
● Upgrade and continuity testing
● Issue reproduction
● Exploratory Testing
● Regression testing
● End to End testing
● Smoke testing
● Sanity Check
● Adhoc and Monkey Testing
● Performance Testing
● Report Issues/Bug
● UI/UX testing
● Functional Testing
● Browser and Devices testing

Automation Testing
● Load and Stress testing
● Automation Testing
● Security testing
● Boundary testing
● API Testing
● Conversion testing
● A/B Testing
● Deep knowledge in different Testing tools
● Server expert testing
● Integration testing

– Test case Creation, UAT, MVP
– Create Test plan
– Create effective Test process and flows
– Can manager QA team to ensure effectiveness using KPI’s
– Deep knowledge and experience when it comes to different project management and bug tracking platform
– Access to different devices

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