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About Freelancer

Hi there! I’m Jey, and I do User Research and Playtest Coordination. I’ve been in the industry working on both Single-Player and Multiplayer projects of various scopes and am ready to help your team perfect the player experience. I will bring my skillset of Qualitative and Quantitative testing, data analysis and player analytics to your team to find out how to make the best game together.

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2017 Game Development Program
George Brown College

Work & Experience

August 2021 - July 2023 Senior User Research Coordinator
Scavengers Studio

Worked with the design team to iterate on game elements to help with player comprehension and experience design Gathered user feedback with various research methods such as questionnaires and player interviews Used qualitative and quantitative data to present to the production team to help align the team with the intended goals vs the player experience Work with narrative teams to give transparency on player digestion of story elements Using maps and player data, showing the development team where players go and where they do not, giving direction for the following sprints

August 2021 - July 2023 Marketing Coordinator
Scavengers Studio

Wrote and presented quarterly reports on online game coverage, social channel growth, reviews and sales figures. Scriptwriting for video content, creative marketing material, and announcements Became the main connection between player and developer: managing the connection with the community via Discord, Steam forums, and Twitter, bringing reports to the development team about the player’s perspective. Led Competitor’s Benchmark project to determine where an unannounced title fit within the market, researching player retention from GaaS, trends in popular games on Twitch, and games that have built strong communities with their players.