Gamers Home’s Affiliate Content Creator Program

Gamers Home, an all-encompassing platform designed for the vibrant tapestry of the gaming industry, proudly announces the initiation of its Affiliate Content Creator Program.

This innovative program is the latest addition to our diverse ecosystem, which includes a freelancer marketplace for gaming professionals, an upskilling platform to aid newcomers in navigating their journey into the gaming world, and a Game Merch Store that transforms indie games into a tangible experience through unique merchandise.

Understanding the aspirations of many gamers to forge a living through content creation, Gamers Home has crafted this Affiliate Content Creator Program to serve as a pivotal bridge.

It connects content creators directly with gaming studios, promoting a seamless flow of communication and enabling creators to share the essence of indie games with their audiences.

This initiative not only supports content creators in monetizing their passion but also amplifies the reach of indie games, creating a symbiotic relationship between studios and the gaming community.

Unleashing the Potential of Indie Gaming

Indie games are a testament to the creativity and diversity that fuel the gaming industry.

Our Affiliate Content Creator Program grants you exclusive early access to these gems every season.

With Gamers Home, you’ll always have a fresh supply of indie titles to explore and introduce to your followers, ensuring your content remains exciting and engaging.

Exclusive Resources for Engaging Content

Quality content creation is paramount to capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention. As part of our program, you’ll gain access to an array of exclusive resources, including Steam keys, in-game footage, and trailers.

These tools are designed to enhance your videos and streams, providing your followers with captivating insights into the latest indie games.


Building a Community of Creators

Joining our program means becoming part of an active, supportive community on our dedicated Discord server.

Here, you can connect with fellow creators, exchange tips, and access direct support from the Gamers Home team.

Our bi-monthly meetings further offer a platform for collaboration, sharing success stories, and brainstorming content strategies.


Beyond Earnings: A Gateway to New Opportunities

The Affiliate Content Creator Program opens doors to myriad opportunities beyond monetization.

Engage in networking with game studios, discover freelancing projects, and contribute to the growth of indie games.

This program is your chance to make a significant impact in the gaming community while building a sustainable career in content creation.


Join us in this exciting journey and redefine what it means to be a gamer and content creator in today’s world.

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