Indie Game Success: A Conversation with Volkan Bozkaya, CEO of Catoptric Games & Next in Game

Meet the Indie Game Visionary

Volkan Bozkaya isn’t just a name in the indie game world – he’s a driving force behind its evolution. As the co-founder and CEO of Catoptric Games and Next in Game, Volkan has established himself as a passionate advocate for indie developers, championing unique and immersive gaming experiences.

With a wealth of experience spanning over four years, Volkan’s journey in indie game publishing began with his own curiosity and determination. His early days were filled with exploring the world of game jams, experimenting with different genres and mechanics.

This hands-on approach ignited a passion for supporting indie developers with bold visions and creative ideas.

Leading Catoptric Games, Volkan has carved a niche in publishing high-quality games from seasoned studios, ensuring that immersive gameplay, intricate mechanics, and compelling storylines are accessible to a wide audience. He understands the unique challenges faced by indie developers and strives to create partnerships that foster creativity and financial success.


Insights from the Webinar: An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes

In our upcoming Career Insight webinar, “The Secrets of Indie Game Publishing,” Volkan will share his expertise and address key questions aspiring publishers face:

  1. The Path to Publishing:

    Volkan will reveal the key steps he took to break into the industry, the importance of networking, and how to build a reputation as a publisher who truly understands the indie spirit.

  2. Daily Life of an Indie Publisher:

    Get a glimpse into the diverse responsibilities of an indie game publisher – from sourcing and evaluating projects to marketing, distribution, and community building.

  3. Identifying Promising Projects:

    Learn how he spots the diamonds in the rough, what qualities he looks for in a successful indie game, and how he navigates the ever-changing gaming landscape.

  4. Balancing Creativity and Commerce:

    Discover the delicate art of fostering creative freedom while ensuring the commercial viability of indie projects. Volkan will share strategies for aligning developer aspirations with market demands.

  5. Skills and Advice for Aspiring Publishers: 

    Our guest will outline the essential skills and qualities that set successful indie publishers apart, offering actionable advice to those who dream of championing the next generation of indie games.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Learn from the Best

This is a rare opportunity to gain invaluable insights from one of the indie game industry’s rising stars.

Whether you’re an aspiring publisher, a seasoned developer, or simply passionate about the world of indie games, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate this exciting landscape.

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