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3D Art Creation Suite Beta Feedback

May 16, 2024

Project Description

My company, Cybever, is kicking off a closed beta program for early access to our 3D game art development creative suite. We’re building tools to help game developers, 3D artists, art studios, save time building assets and environments. We’re at the forefront of ethical, safe, AI tools to empower artists.

We’ll show you our creative suite at work, introduce you to the team, ask a few questions, etc. Assuming we both agree there’s a fit and you’re interested, we’ll get you signed up for the closed beta early access which should kick off in about a month. Closed beta will get you free early access to the tools during the beta program plus 3 months after they go commercial. All we ask is your input and feedback while you use the tools.

Thanks, let me know if you have any questions. Message me here to discuss.


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Bright Egbubine

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Greetings; My name is Bright Egbubine, a passionate 3D Artist with a strong desire to share my knowledge and expertise with the team. A friend notified me about this position and to register to send you a proposal With the Game design industry experiencing rapid growth, I'm confident that my extensive experience in this field, coupled with my critical thinking ability and practical Artificial Intelligence knowledge to simplify 3D Artist workflows when necessary, would make me an invaluable asset to the team. Below you'll find an attached resume of my design portfolio, which showcases my skills and level of expertise. I'm eager to discuss how my expertise could benefit your studio and its aspiring designers.
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