The Secrets of Successful Game Publishing: A Webinar Not to Miss!

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, navigating the complexities of game publishing stands as a monumental task for many game developers. Pioneers of innovative gaming, Mecha Studios, are here to demystify the convoluted path of bringing a game from conception to market. Dive deep into a reservoir of knowledge and experience, as Jorge Garcia, the mastermind behind Mecha Studios and the extraordinary game, Neon City Riders, spearheads our upcoming webinar, exclusively focused on Game Publishing.

Founded with a burning passion for video gaming as an art form, Mecha Studios has triumphantly journeyed through the multifarious challenges that encapsulate the game development process. Their prized creation, Neon City Riders, a vibrant and immersive 2D action-adventure game, has successfully captivated hearts with its unique blend of compelling narrative and breathtaking pixel art visuals. The odyssey of its inception, development, and ultimate triumph provides a profound narrative filled with invaluable insights.

In our meticulously curated webinar, Jorge Garcia will unveil the curtain, sharing in-depth knowledge covering various crucial facets of game publishing. From the intrinsic roles and responsibilities of a game publisher to the meticulous tasks and workflows, and navigating through the unique challenges presented by diverse gaming platforms – this webinar promises a comprehensive exploration of the game publishing realm.

Here’s what awaits you in this illuminating session:

  • An introduction to the crucial facets of game publishing.
  • Deep dive into the operational workflow, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Unveiling the challenges and limitations posed by different gaming platforms.
  • Exclusive insights derived from the successful journey of Neon City Riders.

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