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Interactive Artist, Leader, Bachelors in Computer Animation + 19 Years Experience
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September 23, 1981
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Don’t miss an opportunity to work with this supportive, positive, interactive artist who has been making multi-platform video games for 19 years. This cross-functional generalist has worked with properties from Atari/Interplay, Saga, Warner Brothers and NBC, you know he’ll be a great brand advocate. Forged in the Matrix video games, then having innovated through 8 years in Silicon Valley and being trained by the industries top UI Artists in New York, Scott is posed to support you in exceeding your goals today.

Work & Experience

09/2021 - 01/16/2024 Lead Environment Artist, Art Director
Virtual Training World

For his communication, Agile, documentation and estimation skills, he was promoted after 5 months from Senior Environment Artist to Lead Environment Artist. The next year he was promoted to Art Director. He Lead a team of Environment Artists to create over 40 Mi (65 Km) of traversable roads and trails in an open world for mobile & PC. Though strategic planning, identified and set a roadmap to resolving the teams art debt with each individual Artist, resulting in clearing the road for new development in a more effective timescale. To improve visual quality of the project and workflow he evaluated the Art Team’s strategy and advised the Leads to change the scope of deliverables, to standards based on team sizes and scheduled the work to show 3 optional time frames. One was agreed on. Created and designed team and investor presentations including full-screen mock-ups and animated comps for new game features. Creation of game development ready UI assets for handoff.

08/2020 - 09/2021 Lead Artist
Weaver Entertainment

He was hired to build a 3D story game production pipeline to give the team; industry leading cinematic camera-shot options in less time, reducing cost and overhead. Interviewed, onboarded and mentored Junior Artists and taught them our new 3D pipeline and what the workflow looks like. Created the Fuzzle 3D interactive NFT Character. By adding a variety of cutting edge procedural Unity Packages to make these cute alien creatures; interactive. This NFT went viral in 2022 and was showcased in New York’s Times Square.

12/2012 - 08/2020 Lead Artist
MyDream Interactive Inc.

Created a self-titled crafting game using a proprietary 3D voxel engine. Lead a team of 8 voxel content creators for qa testing. Lead a team of 4 Artists to generate all artwork for the app VR Toolbox on Steam. Assisted with workflow, UX and prototypes. Built all 3D modeling and animation for 3 gaming demos; My Dream (PC), Candy Quad (VR)& the Adoraboos (iOS EduTech).


2004 Top Portfolio Of The Graduating Class
He won the best portfolio award; Par Excellence Also won the category for Best Demo Reel at the Bug Animation Festival, in Denver, 2004


3D Studio Max
3D Modeling
Video Game Art
Unity Engine
3d Architectural Rendering
UI/UX Design

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