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🎮 Professional Summary 👔

Graduated cum laude and entered the gaming industry in the summer of 2022 as a level designer and have since worked on three studio projects on pc and mobile platforms.

Been in game development for 5+ years as a level designer and programmer. Experienced in full-cycle development from initial concept to final polish.

Nearly 100% of my work experience has been based within a production environment where strict deadlines and high quality output are the norm.

Have 3+ years of remote work experience collaborating with teammates from around the world.

Humble in receiving feedback and proactive in seeking training/courses to address knowledge gaps.

Additional skills include:
-Working knowledge of both Unity and Unreal Engines
-Coding in C# and Unreal’s Blueprints
-Blender and Photoshop for planning and blockout purposes
-Experience using source control programs like GitHub and Plastic SCM
-Worked with various task tracking tools like Confluence/Jira, ClickUp, and Trello.

🎮 Personal Summary 👾

Lifelong gamer and father of a 7 year old gamer girl. Yes, sometimes this results in arguing who gets to use one of at least half a dozen game capable devices within our home. Yes, this often escalates to pillow fights and/or nerf gun duels to settle our disputes. And yes, this means I have to game during the nighttime now.

Enjoy reading about the lore of various franchises, whether they be from film, animation, books, and of course games. I take advantage of services like Game Pass to play games that I otherwise would have overlooked. I believe it is important to experience as many worlds through as many mediums as possible to help feed the creative brain.

Game development is awesome to be a part of, it’s a dream come true! Always curious about what people are working on, how they arrange their workflows to achieve results, as well as the teams and culture that bring these amazing games to life! My motivation comes from two primary sources, the first is to satisfy my inner child that loved learning about and living in the stories of games like the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy series. The second comes from my daughter that loves games as much as I did at her age, she likes seeing what I’m working on and in turn motivates me to make games that she could enjoy playing herself!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me, take care!

Work & Experience

July 2022 - February 2023 Level Designer
Kevuru Games

Assured the quality of delivered maps through consistent and transparent communication with clients to ensure design and production goals were met. This involved online meetings, live playtests, creating level design documentation, and presenting pitches. Improved communication and efficiency across design, art, and engineering departments by maintaining level design documentation. Reduced poly counts by up to 40% using Blender’s decimate modifier. Created LoD’s for objects based on their importance and adjusted culling distances accordingly to improve gameplay performance.

March 2022 - May 2022 Level Designer
Pangolla Inc

Designed, prototyped, and play-tested game maps to enhance player experience, incorporating key mechanics. Prototyped scripted events that dynamically altered the state of the level. This required players to adapt their strategies on the fly.


Level Design
Game Design
Design Documentation