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About Freelancer

Hello, I’m Ysa, a content creator based in Brazil. My primary focus is creating both short and long videos in the tech niche, primarily focusing on cozy gaming, dev lifestyle and tech gadgets.

I dedicate myself to promoting videogames, tech gadgets and helping companies showcase their projects and games through my social medias, like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Recently, I started sharing game recommendations, short video & lifestyle content on my Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Feel free to explore more of my work through the links provided below. If you’re a company or a videogame creator looking for a collaboration to promote your projects in innovative and engaging ways, I’m here to help.

Contact me today, and let’s expand the reach of your brand or game to a broader and more engaged audience!

Check out my social medias:
– Instagram: @im.ysagm
– Youtube: @im ysagm
– TikTok: @im.ysagm