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Data Mastery Blueprint

Service Description

With our Data Mastery Blueprint, we evaluate your current analytics capabilities and identify how your studio can extract maximum value from its data. We then develop a bespoke action plan, guiding you towards achieving a higher level of analytics maturity.


  • Interviews with your key stakeholders to understand current pain points, goals & expectations.
  • An audit of your game’s current data setup & quality.
  • A review of your analysis & reporting processes, focusing how data is currently impacting decision-making in the business.
  • A bespoke ‘Data Mastery Score’ based on our findings.
  • A roadmap of recommended actions based on our findings.
  • Presentation of these findings either in-person or video call.

How long does it take to complete a Data Mastery Blueprint project?

The typical completion time is 30 to 60 days.

We start at a high level to get a sense of the current situation before coming up with applicable solutions that can be implemented right away.

We’re usually able to address most of them with our one-off or monthly service packages. For the problems we can’t solve internally, we have a network of trusted partners that can help.

Not much, as our consultants will do the majority of the work on their end. It would be useful, however, if we have buy-in from an internal stakeholder supported by the digital team.