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Vetted Freelancer Marketplace for the Gaming Industry!

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Gamers Home's aim is to provide Gamers with the Industry Knowledge and Standards to Produce Culturally Inclusive In-Game Assets. Unlike other freelancer marketplace, our vetting, is through our upskilling and reskilling programs. We can guarantee skilled professionals to Game Studios.

Voice Acting

Voice Packs

Motion Capture Acting


Costume Design


Narrative Design


Game marketing

Game Marketing

How We Work

Driving Success Through Knowledge, Inclusion, and Industry Standards

Step 1

Webinar and Coaching

We kickstart the journey with live webinars featuring industry professionals and personalised 1:1 coaching sessions.

These interactive learning experiences provide insights from industry experts and up-to-date knowledge.

Step 2


Once gamers and streamers start understanding the industry's requirements, we move on to the training phase.

Our courses focus on hands-on practice, making sure learners grasp industry standards and can provide studios with usable materials.

Step 3

Vetted Freelancing Platform

Our Vetted Freelancing Platform for the gaming industry, bridges the gap between skilled gamers, streamers, and gaming studios.

It provides a marketplace for our trained talent to contribute to cultural inclusion in video games.

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Gaming Industry Career Insights Webinars

Get exclusive Insights and Insider Knowledge from Gaming Industry Professionals with Our Engaging, Informative Webinars!
Our Webinars are focussed on Career Guidance and provide Insider tips to anyone interested in the Gaming Industry.

Watch a Snippet of our last Career Insight Webinar with guest Debra Wilson on Voice Acting for Games.

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